State Championship

BBQ Competition



  • Indoor Space
  • Outdoor Space
  • Electrical Available
  • Non-Juried and no commission

We are excited to bring a State Championship BBQ competition to the Festival this year! Amateurs and IBCA teams from across the country are eligible to compete. Following IBCA Rules, teams will present 3 Meats: a full ½ Chicken, Pork Spareribs, and Brisket. There will also be a Bloody Mary, Pinto Bean, and Chief Cook’s Choice contest! The teams assemble at the site on Friday, October 18, set up, and get cooking! Judging begins at 12:00noon on Saturday, October 19. In addition to Cash Prizes for winners, IBCA teams will earn points towards the Jack Daniels/American Royal Qualifier in Memphis this May. Follow your nose or look for “BBQ Border Town” to experience a smokin’ good time!

We are Strictly following these IBCA Rules.